Current Features
  • Supports Ogg Vorbis and MP3 Files.
  • Completely searchable by artist, album or track name.
  • Inbuilt Playlist Editor
  • Displays statistics such as most popular song, artist etc
  • Lightweight crossplatform user interface.
  • Easy to import large amounts of music using recursive scan importer.
  • Music is indexed by both name,Artist and Album.
  • No database server required, uses simple Access Database.

Planned Features
  • Support for user accounts
  • Deleting of music (reliant on user accounts)
  • Added media support ie Windows Media.
  • Random Playlist generator
  • User profiles that allow custimisable interface
  • Install Program
  • Ablity to use multiple databases, such as SQL server.
  • Added features to Ogg and MP3 library's such as track length