Current Progress May 4, 2002
Progress coming along well with the next release having a number of added features.
  • Mp3 Support
  • Basic user authentication added.
  • Rewriten interface with support of themes.
  • Rewritten Search routine that is more flexible.
  • Seperation of much of the code into Include files to simplify maintanence.
  • Currently most of these are complete and only require a little more work. As well as this I am hoping to add the ability for administrators to delete and in the future edit music.

    Jukester CVS May 2, 2002
    Jukester is now available from CVS and can be browsed using ViewCVS

    Jukester 0.2 almost ready May 1, 2002
    Jukester version 0.2 is almost ready.
    The main changes are that MP3's now work, and most of the code has been updated slightly to increase performance.

    Jukester 0.1 released April 22, 2002

    The first version of Jukester is done. Get it from Downloads.
    It includes basic Ogg Vorbis support, browsing by artist and album and searching abilities.